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On your decision to purchase a digital asset that's packed with benefits!

Welcome to the Soul Excursions Golden Key purchase page. We're elated to offer you the unique opportunity to purchase both the Soul Excursions VIP Golden Key and the Soul Excursions Globe-Trotter Golden Key, and you can even choose the payment plan!

*Be sure to read all details below carefully.*

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Payment Plan Options

If you choose the payment plan options, be mindful that payment plans are higher in price than paying in full now.

Also note that you are buying a digital asset with multiple benefits. The digital asset is an NFT. Your NFT (or NFT's) will be delivered to you once they are paid in full. Until your NFT's are paid in full, you can still accompany us on trips by renting/leasing an NFT from Soul Excursions or a current owner.

Payment plans allow you to lock in your pricing. When you're on a payment plan, your cost is fixed. You know exactly what you're paying and when. As you know, the price of both these valuable Golden Keys increases periodically.

Please be advised that we are holding NFT's for you based on your payment plan and therefore are not selling them on the open market. While we cannot guarantee you will receive the specific NFT of your chioce, we can guarantee you will receive one of the available V.I.P. NFT's or Globe-Trotter NFT's once your payments are completed.

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Open a MetaMask Wallet

Once your NFT purchase is paid in full, we'll transfer your NFT's to your MetaMask wallet. You must have a MetaMask wallet to receive your NFT's.

If you are choosing the pay in full option, we will send you an email requesting your MetaMask wallet address immediately after processing your transaction.

If you are choosing the payment plan option, you'll receive an email requesting your MetaMask wallet address once all payments are complete and your NFT's are paid in full.

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Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds for these transactions due to the nature of crypto. If you paid for any of the NFT's with Ethereum, it is a non-refundable, one-way transaction that cannot be undone. We assume that you know what you are buying and have informed yourself of all options available to you.

We are only offering credit and debit card payments as a courtesy to our community as we move from the old fiat currency system to the monetary system of the future. Soul Excursions is proud to be paving the way for our global community to enter the Web3 space effortlessly.

We're elated you're taking this step forward with us and for humanity!

Welcome to your travel dreams fulfilled...

You can expect world class service from Soul Excursions as we bring you life-transforming retreats and experiences in drop-dropping destinations around the globe. Let's get your travel dreams fulfilled and your passport filled with stamps!

We'll see you on the next Soul Excursion...



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