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Welcome to Ayahuasca Ceremonies & the Sacred Sweat Lodge in Cusco, Peru

March 17-24, 2024

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The Christian Witches Mystery School invites you to the plant medicine retreat of a lifetime with Mother Ayahuasca as our Plant Healer & Teacher and the Sacred Sweat Lodge as our connection and divine portal to spirit realms...

This is our 5th sojourn to Peru for the sacred plant medicine and sweat lodge. Here's a pic from our last adventure in the mystical locale of Cusco, Peru:

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If you have challenges meditating or keeping true to your daily spiritual practice... if you know you are NOT living your DESTINY full on and experiencing ALL the blessings and benefits as the natural result... if you KNOW you are not living your true and full DIVINE POTENTIAL, this is the trip for you...

Watch as Rev. Val shares powerful insights and info on plant medicine experiences:

Peru is like no other place on the planet and our Ayahuasca Retreats are like nothing you've EVER experienced...


We'll be engaging the plant medicine in 2-3 ceremonies. If this is your first time answering the call to Mother Ayahuasca, you may have profound experiences. After your first ceremony, you get to choose if you'd like further ceremonies, or if the first was sufficient for you. When embarking upon ceremonies with the Mother, realizations are experienced that are best meditated upon for integration into one's way of being.

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Head Mistress of CCW

A Message From Rev. Valerie Love - KAISI

As the Head Mistress of CCW (Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition) I have the honor of teaching and guiding our students to mystical, magickal experiences with the Divine, in the form of spirits to include angels, ascended masters, enlightened ancestors and more.

This journey is one of tests and trials. It will not be easy. Yet, if you are on this page reading these words, know you are here for a reason.

If what you read and see here resonates, and you know you've been called to this sacred plant teacher and healer, join us.

Our Loving & Experienced Shamans

To embark on the journey with the sacred plants, one must be ushered and guided with a deft hand by wise and knowledgeable Shamans who have practiced for decades to bring the medicine safely to you, and you to the medicine.

We have years long relationships with Shamans who are trustworthy to guide and support us in our connection with the sacred plants.

We take no journey with the Mother for granted, and know we are venturing into the heart of the Mother, into worlds unknown, and yet to be discovered through the lens of our own consciousness.

You have the opportunity to learn powerful lessons and integrate these for a whole new life experience, if that's what you're seeking.

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Expand Your World & Open to Vistas Beyond the Usual...

Personal & spiritual development is about going beyond the little self to realization of the True Self.

The students in the Mystery School are always testing boundaries, being bigger, going beyond the ordinary, and initiating experiences that are revolutionary, transformative and non-linear.


Diet & Other Considerations

Let's address important considerations before embarking on a journey to meet Mother Ayahuasca:

Calling: do not embark upon this journey if you are merely curious. Our ceremonies are soul-searing and not for the faint of heart, curiousity seekers or the unprepared.

Diet: it's recommended to eliminate the following from your diet for 14-21 days before your first Ayahuasca Ceremony: chocolate, caffeine, meat, dairy, marijuana, alcohol, excess sugar and any other substances that alter consciousness. You are best served to face the Mother clean and clear. The Daniel Fast may be appropriate, which is primarily fruits and vegetables. (Be sure to consult with your health care providers.)

Physical discomfort: while each person's experience is different, it is not unusual to puke, purge, feel chills or heat, or other physical discomforts during Ayahuasca journeys. We take extra care of you, including providing heavy blankets and a comfortable space where you are watched and care for by our Shaman and his helpers. Even still, you may experience mild to moderate, or even extreme physical discomfort, FYI. Of course, these effects are temporary and all who have entered the Mother's heart have experienced profound changes in mind, body and spirit.

Grief & Intense Emotion: the medicine brings up unprocessed grief, resentment, anger and other emotions for clearing. If you have recently experienced the transition of a loved one, be mindful that grief may come up, stronger than you might have thought. We are there to process you through these strong emotions. Your job is to be ready, willing and able to deal with whatever comes up. This is the work of transformation.

Breathing: Peru is at a high altitude with little oxygen. There are oxygen tanks available if you should require it. Peru offers the opportunity to pause, move slower, breathe deeper and be more present. Rushing will not help. Slowing down and chewing cocoa leaves will.

Hills & Mountains: where we stay in Cusco is elevated and requires navigating steep hills and climbing high steps. You have plenty of time before this adventure to exercise, do your yoga and get into the best shape of your life so you experience all the wonder of Cusco. If you're already in great shape, excellent!

Ceremonies: you are at full choice with all plant medicines. If you be decide once you arrive in Peru that you will not be moving forward with the plant medicine ceremonies, ALL GOOD! This is all completely voluntary at every step of the way. You may decide to do 1, 2 or all 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies, or none at all. You are the sole decision maker in this regard and heeding your intuition is the only way to approach this invitation.

Sweat Lodge: the sweat lodge is extremely HOT. If you are unduly affected by high heat, be mindful and take good care of yourself. There will be some attendees in the sweat lodge who wear bathing suits, while others may wear only underwear or a sheet with nothing underneath. We enter the sweat lodge solely for spiritual enlightenment and ascension by connecting with spirit realms and receiving messages that benefit our lives here and now. Welcome to the holy stones who have agreed to burn for our healing, and to the 7 sacred herbs Shaman Kush casts upon the glowing orange stones. Aho!

The Splendor & Majesty of Peru Awaits You

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3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies: You may decide to participate in 1, 2 or all 3. It is all completely voluntary. (There is no change in pricing if you decide to participate in no ceremonies or all 3.)

San Pedro (Wachuma) Plant Medicine: If you desire, you may choose to experience the sacred plant medicine known as Wachuma (or San Pedro). It is a heart opening plant medicine that catalyzes awe, wonder and oneness with all creation.

Accommodations: your accommodations at our beloved space in Cusco, Peru are included for 7 nights. You check in on Sunday, March 17, 2024 and check out on Sunday, March 24, 2024. Accommodations are double occupancy. You'll be paired with a member of the community as a roommate. If you desire to room with a person of your choosing who is also registered, please notify us by email.

Spring Equinox Ritual: we will observe the Spring Equinox in a ritual. You will receive an email in advance with guidelines on what to bring.

Spiritual Life Coaching in Healing Circles: to integrate and process the visions, realizations and experiences that unfold in your journeys, it is necessary to have experienced helpers and guides who can be holy mirrors.

Sweat Lodge: the sweat lodge is our healing space for rebirth, entering into the womb of the earth to be reborn. We are new when we exit as cleaned vessels for service to humanity at higher levels than ever before.

Registration does not include:

Meals, airfare, transfers to and from the airport, luggage fees, shopping, miscellaneous expenses and gratuities. There are many tour companies in Cusco with tours to Rainbow Mountain and more. While you may choose any of these tours during our week, they are not included in your registration fee.

You'll see a payment plan option below if that works better for you. Pay in full options for our retreats always offer cost savings, FYI. Coupon codes can only be used for the pay in full option below and does not apply to payment plans.

The payment plan option below expires

November 30, 2023

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Book A Call

You are invited to book a call for this retreat to be certain it's a good fit for you, and to be sure you're prepared for this radical shift in consciousness. The tectonic plates of your world will be moved and reordered. A shocking experience in the moment, yet beneficial for a lifetime! Let's discuss this epic adventure.

(This pic was snapped at the Sacred Sexuality Event in Atlanta, GA)

If you've never been with us on our ground breaking, rapid transformation events around the globe or with the Mystery School?

All good! Enjoy this gallery of pics of our attendees and behold the magick!

Christian Witches Convention 2023

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We travel the globe as a spiritual community. When you're with us, you're family. Think of us as your spiritual clan for life.

Whether we're engaging a plant medicine ceremony in Peru with Ayahausca, or trekking the Andes Mountains, or sailing a yacht in Dubai, or conducting a ritual on the red rocks of Sedona under the Full Moon, we're about RAPID, RADICAL, PERMANENT transformation, such that you don't recognize yourself when you return home.

Add to all this heaping doses of magick and ritual and you have a recipe for an unforgettable, spirit soaring, ascensionary experience like no other with the Christian Witches Mystery School in Peru.


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A Word About Your Luggage:

PACK LIGHT. If you can manage it, a travel backpack is ideal. The less you have to carry, the better! There are tours available

A Word About Your Flights:

Arrival Flights:

Book flights so that you arrive in Cusco, Peru on Sunday, 3/17/2024. We start that day at 7 PM. Be in the right place at the right time so you don't miss a thing!

Departure Flights:

Book your flight home so that you depart from Cusco, Peru after 12 Noon on Sunday, 3/24/2024.


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A Word About What To Bring:

Comfy clothes, comfy shoes, warm jackets and toasty clothes!

Cusco is cold and damp. Keep that in mind as you pack warm clothes and warm pajamas.

Always keep yourself well hydrated and breathing deep as you take on walking and movement in the Andes Mountains.

Of course, bring your grimoire, journal and/or notebooks for our intensive learning of ancient magickal practice so you can apply it to your world.

A Word About Your Certainty:

As a Witch, Occultist, Magician and/or spiritual seeker, it's vital that we approach plant medicines and the sweat lodge with reverence and certainty that this is a YES. If this is not a wholehearted YES, meditate and pray more to come to a solid resolution within yourself.

A solid resolution does not mean there will be no doubts and no fears. It means simply that his RESONATES for you and you've DECIDED to MOVE FORWARD powerfully with Higher Self as unerring Guide.


You are loved!

Rev. Valerie Love - KAISI

Head Mistress of the Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School in the Solomonic Tradition (CCW)

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We look deliciously forward to hugging your neck in Peru!

Blessed be from the Christian Witches Mystery School

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