The only program on planet earth that teaches Magick as a means of Ascension, how to use your gifts for the Ascension of others, and the proven means to create Natural Wealth while doing so.


Launched on 11/11!

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Magick & Money

Finally there's a program of Ascension that teaches money too. Spirituality is not just about ascending. It's about WHOLENESS, FREEDOM and BLISS in EVERY aspect of our lives.

Ascension is intentionally here to give you all that's required to create your FREEDOM: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, phsyically and financially.

There's no other program like this on planet earth.

Here, you'll focus on these 3 aspects:


Your Ascension is first and foremost. We are here to evolve, grow and ascend. There's nothing more important or pivotal to this incarnation. In this program we use Magick as a means of Ascension to Christ Consciousness.


A fulfilling life on planet earth will not be reached if you're not at peace with your relationship with money. Most spiritual practictioners are not aligned with significant wealth, nor do they have wealth consciousness, or wealth strategies that work for people who are authentically expressing their gifts in the world. This is where your wealth exponentially expands.

In the wealth aspect of this program, we deep dive into Bitcoin, NFT's and passive income strategies that are aligned with KAISI's NEVER WORK AGAIN motto and ethos.


It's time to bring your gifts to the world like the supernova you are. Our 7 business models give you a plethora of options to choose from, and our experience and guidance help you make the right choices in how you'll bring your gifts to the world in the most joyful and fulfilling ways for you. This is different for each soul.

Our global community of soul ascenders welcomes you...(and no, Ascension is not just for women)

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This is for you if...

You're a coach, creative, author, speaker, teacher, energy healer, card reader or any other expression of service and destiny that uplifts the consciousness of humanity


you have't been able to create a sustainable method of wealth creation while serving your tribe. You love what you do, and you love the results of your work with people, yet, you're not as financially fulfilled as you know you could be


you're ready to step out there in a whole NEW way and light up the world with your gifts and you know you require proven methods, a community around you who's doing the same, along with coaches, mentors and guides who have already demonstrated the results you're seeking.

If any of this describes you, and you don't have it all taken care of yet, or your results have NOT manifested yet, there's a reason.

Ascension has the answers for you. This is not guesswork. This methodology has been proven over more than a decade and with hundreds of people.

You can have it all: ascension, service and wealth.

Let's do it.

This is not for...





Curiosity seekers.

Those who don't take action.

Those who aren't ready to fulfill their destiny.

Those who aren't ready for radical transformation and manifestation.

This is a pristine global community of soul ascenders who do NO drama.

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Are You Ready?

You'll receive:

LIVE TRAINING & COACHING WITH KAISI & TEACHERS each month on a private, members only Zoom to create and uplevel your Divine Destiny Plan & your Wheel of Destiny (power tools we use in the program to clarify and uplevel your work in the world).

ALL WEALTH MASTERCLASSES with KAISI. There are 6 wealth masterclasses you receive exclusive access to in the Ascension program (classes are released to you 1 per month). See the list of Wealth Masterclasses below.

40 FOUNDATIONS LESSONS of the MYSTERY SCHOOL. These foundational lessons are pivotal to your mastery of MAGICK as a means of Ascension, or in other words, Alchemy of the Soul, or the Great Work.

MEMBERS ONLY CHAT GROUP to ask questions, connect with fellow members, network, grow and plan roommates for our live events and retreats.

SPECIAL PRICING ON ALL RETREATS & EVENTS. Our global events and retreas are pivotal to the massive transformation we've been able to effect in clients and attendees for over 16 years. You receive special pricing on ALL events and retreats as a member of Ascension.

ADVANCE NOTICE OF ALL RETREATS & EVENTS. Have advance notice of all upcoming events and retreats so you can assure you register ahead of the crowd and be sure your space is assured.


Also Gives you EXCLUSIVE access to all WEALTH masterclasses taught by KAISI:

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"Make $10,000+ Per Month as a Bitcoin Wealth Strategist"

The world is changing. The dollar will die... it's only a matter of when (not if). As you secure your family's generational wealth and legacy, BITCOIN holds critical answers for you and the ones you love...

Since 2015 l've been buying, using, teaching and investing in Bitcoin. Radical changes have happened since then, and it's critical that YOU TAKE ACTION.

This Master Class gives you the EXACT 7-Step Blueprint to create an ADDITIONAL REVENUE STREAM OF $10,000+ PER MONTH teaching people about the future of money as a BITCOIN WEALTH STRATEGIST.

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"How to Be a Bitcoin Millionaire by 2024"

This Master Class gives you the EXACT steps to become a Bitcoin Millionaire by the year 2024...

We have the numbers for you, including how much to invest, how often, and the rates of return.

Whether you're starting from scratch or you're a Bitcoin pro, this info is applicable to ALL Bitcoin investors.

Bitcoin can seem hard to understand... don't worry, you'll be able to easily follow along, this class makes it all extremely SIMPLE.

Even if you're a complete newbie to Bitcoin, YOU CAN DO IT!

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"7 Reasons You're Not Rich Yet: Crack Your Wealth Code"

There are 7 astonishing reasons why you haven't cracked your wealth code yet...

You KNOW you're supposed to be attracting money like a MOFO, but it's just not happening for you at the level you expected.

And it's not because you didn't do the work to attract money... meditation, wealth affirmations, forgiveness work, mantras, money spells, candle magick and YOU STILL DON'T HAVE THE RESULTS you're envisioning. There are 7 specific reasons why this has occurred, and more importantly, WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW.

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How to escape the pain of work, drudgery and struggle to create, build and manifest your NEVER. WORK. AGAIN. dream life of health, wealth, love and destiny fulfillment by employing the 6-Step D.I.V.I.N.E. Formula, Flag Theory and LEVERAGE.

(Plus, KAISI's 3 leveraged streams of income she's been receiving for YEARS, how they work and how you can build residual, leveraged income streams that pay you for LIFE.)

You are meant to live a life of total and complete freedom and bliss... (without drudgery, continuous hard work, struggle or striving). YOU ARE HERE TO BE FREE & HAPPY.

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"How to Be an Angel Investor Starting With $100"

What do the Sharks know that you don't? They know how to build a portfolio of companies that work for them 24/7, whether they work or NOT. Some of the Sharks have 300+ companies in their portfolio. How many companies do you have in your portfolio?

Angel investing can be hard to learn and complicated. Knowing about pitch decks, accredited investors (and whether or not you are one), corporate funding rounds, and where and how to start may seem daunting.

Fret not! I have a secret weapon at my disposal, my FAVE investing platform that makes it all easier to create LEVERAGED PROFITS.

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"Istant Income: How to Make Thousands Teaching Online"

The EXACT steps, funnel, online tools, pricing, upsells, languaging, templates and behind-the-scenes details you require to create INSTANT INCOME...

This class is all about how you can make thousands in leveraged income by sharing your WISDOM and pouring your EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE into your tribe.


Put this method to work immediately and realize income within hours. While I make you no promises, if you take action, you can wake up to cash tomorrow morning.

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Masterclass Access

You receive exclusive access to all of the above 6 Masterclasses in your online course portal.

The Masterclasses are released to you 1 per month in addition to all of your other Ascension classes, coaching, training and community.

Why are the Masterclasses released over 6 months rather than all at once? Great question. Ascension is about you taking ACTION to create wealth from doing what you love and fulfilling your destiny.

This is not a program that's simply about learning. This is an experiential program. As a coach for over 16 years, I know that you will require support, feedback and accountability to create your MAGNIFICENT RESULTS. We're not interested in you simply taking classes.


Dripping these Masterclasses to you gives you the opportunity to INTEGRATE the material and take sustained ACTION to create the RESULTS you DESIRE and DESERVE.


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About the Instructor

Hey Love!

It's my absolute honor and pleasure to welcome you to Ascension, your blueprint for a magnificent life of global service to your tribe, wealth, abundance, bliss and complete and total fulfillment. Fall asleep at night like I do... with a big fat silly grin on your face, knowing you're DOING what you came here to do!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't LOVE Ascension, stop at any time. If you're not receiving maximum benefit from this membership, there's no obligation. We're not here for the money. Money is a yummy side effect of serving humanity. We're here for more FULLY LIT UP SOULS ON PLANET EARTH.



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