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How to go from overwhelm, frustration and procrastination on your book to successful PUBLISHED AUTHOR with a work-from-anywhere lifestyle, unlimited passive income and massive global impact...

Welcome to the ONLY detailed, step-by-step course on how to create your Kindle publishing EMPIRE with no content, low content, DIY and high content books!

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Access the Course Taught by

Rev. Valerie Love, best selling author of 23 books on practical spirituality and Taya Belle, author of over 200 no content and low content coloring books and journals.

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Discover the secrets to financial freedom in the lucrative publishing industry...

Let Amazon do most of the heavy lifting for you.

What You'll Discover & Activate:

How to become FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT with your Kindle Publishing business with the never-revealed-before secrets KAISI and Harmony use to publish multiple books and create DAILY SALES...

Why your book isn't selling (if you're an author already) and he specific action steps to take to remedy this undesirable issue...

How the Amazon algorithm works and how to conquer it...

How to create AMAZING BOOK COVERS without doing it yourself with these little known resources...

How to run Amazon ads profitably and the pitfalls to avoid so you don't lose a boatload of money...

17 Marketing Strategies used by the authors to sell thousands of books (and how to determine which are right for you)...

And more than you could ever think of from these 2 authors who live, eat and sleep the publishing business...

Our Secret Sauce... the 4 Phase SYSTEM we employ to create PROFITABILITY for our AUTHORS:

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Join other authors in our circle... launch your lucrative book empire and have the freedom you deserve, the pleasure of serving your tribe in profound ways while pouring fuel on your movement... all with creative expression at the forefront in a publishing empire you can run from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

Your life will never be the same...

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Gain access to over 15 hours of info-packed content to create and catapult your book sales on Amazon Kindle...

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Step-by-Step Video Instructions

Simplicity is your friend in this course. We give you step-by-step video instructions on how we set up our books (and our clients' books) for immediate success on Amazon. Clear, simple action steps means you get the RESULTS you're seeking.

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Appropriate for Beginner Authors

If you're at the beginning of your author journey, you may already realize the publishing industry is fast-paced, and packed with options! This is the place to get not just tips and tricks, but STRATEGY and how to determine which will work best for YOU and YOUR BOOKS.

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Your Teachers Are Authors NOW

Learn from masters of the craft who do this work every day. No need to figure it out, waste time, of watch endless YouTube videos. LEARN DIRECTLY from best-selling author Valerie Love and fast-acting author Taya Belle. We DO this, not just teach it.

See What's Inside...

Here's what's inside this power-packed, strategy-rich, immersion into the world of Kindle Publishing (whether you're starting from scratch or you're an 'OG')...


-- How to use this course...
-- Welcome to Your Book Empire!
-- Intro to Self-Publishing Checklist

-- How to Set Up Your Business for Success
-- Leveraging the Power of Amazon
-- The 4 Types of Books Covered In This Course

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Phase 1: Ideation

-- KAISI's Kindle Cash Home (for a bit of incentive...)

-- Your Avatar

-- The Critical Element: KEYWORDS

-- Detailed Keyword Tutorial (for all levels of competency)

Phase 2: Creation

-- Introduction to Phase 2

-- Low Content Interiors (FAST & EASY)

-- Low Content Covers (FAST & EASY)

-- High Content Book Creation Overview

-- High Content Book Cover Creation Part 1

-- High Content Book Cover Creation Part 2

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Phase 3: Publication

This is where you mash your foot on the gas and floor itttttt!!!

-- An in-depth overview of the publication process

-- High Content Book Publication Process with KAISI

-- Low Content Book Publication Process with Taya Belle

Phase 4: Amplification

You did it! You published your book(s)!!! It's time to Master Your Marketing...

-- Introduction to Phase 4

-- Book Overview Process of Marketing

-- 17 Marketing Strategies Part 1: Social Media

-- 17 Marketings Strategies Part 2: Blogging

-- 17 Marketing Strategies Part 3: Collaborations

-- 17 Marketing Strategies Part 4: Amazon Ads, Amazon Algorithm, Reviews & ARC's

-- 17 Marketing Strategies Part 5: Offline Marketing Strategies that work like a CHARM

-- Author Bio Template

-- 20 Podcasts for Non-fiction Authors

-- Social Media Profiles Checklist

-- Blog Book Tours

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Because who doesn't LOVE extra goodies...

-- 220 Low Content/No Content Interiors (done for you... there's NO excuse not to have your books out there creating profits daily and exponentially expanding your global reach)

-- Your Personal Brand

-- Brand Building Worksheet

-- Coloring Books (done for you)

Isn't it time YOU create your unprecedented lifestyle of wealth accumulation, infinite creativity and blissful freedom in the lucrative publishing world of Amazon Kindle?



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