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There are over 20 crystals specifically mentioned in the Bible for their powerful spiritual properties and how they were used in worship, rituals, temple construction and more...

You can access this esoteric wisdom for lifting your life and creating delicious outcomes from magick.

A New Class From the Christian Witches Mystery School

You may have been taught that the Bible condemns magick and witchcraft. While this is not so (deep research is required to understand the Bible) countless Christians believe this and so choose not to tap into their inherent magickal powers.

There's no need to live a life void of magick.

Remember, the people who told you not to practice magick and witchcraft used magick & witchcraft on you...

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The 22 crystals I'll teach you in this class are all straight from the Bible. Though ancient terms for crystals have changed over the eons, we've done the research to accurately ascertain exactly which crystals the Bible is referring to.

Hi Love, I'm Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI). As the Head Mistress of the Christian Witches Mystery School, I've taught Magick, Money & Metaphysics on my YouTube channel to millions of viewers for over 13 years...

Now it's time to deepen into Bible Magick like never before, uncover the power these spells can have in your life and world, and work your magick like the magickal being you ARE.

I'ts not easy to go against the status quo that would seek to prevent you from mastering the greatest power at your disposal: the POWER WITHIN your very BEING.

YOU ARE THE MAGICK. Always remember this.

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How to Use 22 of the Crystals in the Bible for Health, Wealth, Destiny & Love

Here's What This Class is About:

The crystal grid on High Priest Aaron's chest, what the specific crystals used were, why they were positioned as they were, what they represent, and how to create a crystal grid for spiritual protection and as a conduit of energy...

How to rid yourself of ANY guilt about using crystals and the Bible in Magick and Witchcraft (the guilt from past conditioning does not serve us and inhibits powerful magickal results)...

How to work with the crystals in the book of Revelation, what they're used for, and how to apply the same spiritual processes to your rituals and spells...

How to keep your magickal workings away from prying eyes and judgment of family and friends who may not understand your spiritual path.

How to establish a SHRINE and ALTARS for your magickal and spiritual practices as a Christian Witch who works powerful Bible Magick.

Crystal correspondences that enable you to craft powerful spells and rituals for healing, health, wealth, happiness, business success, destiny, and more!

Q&A Session with KAISI (as we do in all our classes, to be sure our students have the most AMAZING learning eperience EVER)...

When you register below, you're INSTANTLY and AUTOMATICALLY added to the COURSE where all this powerful class awaits you.


We'll see you in class!

Our classes are always FULL of powerhouse witches, wizards, warlocks and magickal beings...

Just Like You.

This pic was snapped during the "Money Uncrossing" Mass Group Ritual & Class for all to be FREED from crossed conditions with money...

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You have 3 choices below:

Register for this class only: "CRYSTAL MAGICK: How to Use 22 of the Crystals In the Bible For Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny"

Or register for the 3 class BUNDLE and SAVE 25% Includes these 3 classes: Bible Magick, Angel Magick & Crystal Magick

Register for this class and ADD ON any other single class you'd like. Pick and choose whichever ones you desire.

You have lifetime access to all classes. We recommend you watch each class you own AT LEAST 7 TIMES to gain ALL the invaluable details and NOT MISS A THING.

Whatever you choose, we're elated to have you join countless students in our classes as we smash beliefs that say you cannot practice witchcraft and magick as a Christian.

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100% Risk Free

If you're still on the fence, remember... this purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you work the strategies in any of these masterclasses in earnest, and don't get results, just send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund your entire investment.

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After you've registered for this class, "Crystal Magick: How to Use 22 of the Crystals In the Bible For Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny" with KAISI, check your email thoroughly, including bulk mail folder and spam folder for the email containing:

*Your receipt

*Your access to this powerful class

See you there!

I had to free myself... now I work to free others.

I was raised in Fundamentalist Christianity. There were shackles to break and strongholds to overcome to win back my God-given freedom to do as I knew I was being called to do, without fear of repercussion and judgment. It was a years long undertaking, and well worth it to be FREE. That's why I'm passionate about freeing others.

I'd love to teach and inspire you to recover ALL your divine powers. Join us in class and let's get your magick on...

With love,

KAISI (aka Rev. Valerie Love)

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